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While there are many varied reasons people choose to use an auto shipping service, Central Valley Auto Transport has compiled the four most common reasons people have contacted them to relocate their vehicle.

You are moving – either permanently or for the winter/summer season

It definitely makes sense to keep your current vehicle rather than rent one (in the case of seasonal moving) or buy one in your new location, however driving across the country in your car or truck is not always the most cost-effective or pleasant approach to getting your vehicle where you need it to be.

Once you add in all the commonly-overlooked costs to driving your vehicle across the country you begin to realize that hotel stays, eating at a restaurant for every meal, fuel and the wear and tear on your vehicle can add up quickly and reach very expensive levels. Also, the increased risk of accidents or damage to your vehicle increase dramatically during the summer months and holidays – which also tend to be the times in which people choose to move either for the season or to their new permanent home.

With a reputable vehicle shipping company you can cut out all of the uncertainty and unforeseen costs, and when you choose enclosed auto transport you can even remove the stress of possible vehicle damage that can occur while on the road.

Your teenager is attending college a long way from home

Teens in school a long way from home usually benefit from having a car with them, but driving it all the way to their university can be dangerous and less ideal than having it shipped to their location. Your son or daughter could fly to school and have their vehicle already waiting for them. This would alleviate the kind of worry that comes with your child driving a long-distance alone.

You have a luxury car, antique auto or classic car that you present at auto shows

In the world of vehicle shows, a scratch, dent or damage incurred on a vehicle you intend to present can be catastrophic and costly. Antique, classic and luxury cars are an investment that require attention, care and delicate handling.

Many people choose to use an enclosed transportation service rather than risk driving the vehicle on the open roads. The potential damage generally outweighs the cost of having the vehicle safely and reliably shipped to the required destination.

You bought your vehicle online or from a dealership across the country

A common practice now more than ever before, buying a vehicle from an online dealership or from a dealer in another state has become incredibly easy, as has shipping it right to your front door. Often less expensive than the combined plane ticket and hotel, food, gas and wear and tear that would be involved with picking up a new vehicle yourself, choosing a quality auto transport service to deliver your new investment to your door allows you to avoid the hassle of coordinating the frequently confusing logistics.